7 Black Celebrities You Many Not Have Known Were Serious Gamers


Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a huge fan of the Halo series. He is so much a fan of the Halo series that he’s actually created hilarious videos of him playing the game with LL Cool J. Of course, the two end up facing off in a fierce competition and hilarity ensues.



Donald Faison

Donald Faison from “Remember the Titans” and the TV sitcom “Scrubs” admits to being a serious gamer. His preferred online multi-player game play is more in tune with fast cars and fast tracks, specifically the go-fast online racing found in Forza Motorsport. Faison attended Microsoft’s Xbox One Launch Party, and it wasn’t Killer Instinct or FIFA that had his attention —it was Forza 5. Well, that and Call of Duty Ghosts. It seems that Faison is a committed motorhead  and relishes pitting his skills against other racers online. His love of racing games extends beyond his console, however, to his iPad sports Real Racing 3 both in the time-shifted scheme and the more traditional 4-player mode he plays with mates.

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