10 of the Most Incredible STEM Programs for Black Youths

iurban teen

iUrbanTeen’s STEM Summit

iUrbanTeen’s STEM Summit is a unique program that not only focuses on introducing students to STEM careers and subjects but also gets them involved  in the arts as well. The summits, which usually bring about 150 students together, helps students get hands-on experience in health care, environmental sciences, energy, transportation, cybersecurity, digital arts, mobile app development and more. The program’s website promises that the summits are not only educational and engaging but are also fun for the students involved. This not only helps keep them engaged during the summit but also dispels myths that STEM careers can’t be exciting or very creative.

AP STEM Access

Advanced Placement (AP) STEM Access

Tech entrepreneurs have long pointed to the lack of STEM access for Black students as a major factor behind the stunning lack of diversity in Silicon Valley. While this isn’t the sole factor for the racial disparity, it is key that more Black students gain the access to STEM careers and classes that could lead them to extremely profitable, successful careers. That’s where AP STEM Access truly shines. The College Board, DonorsChoose.org and Google all teamed up to launch the program that aims to bring new AP science and math classes to more than 800 schools across the nation. This could be exactly what Black students need to get the foundation in such careers that could set them up for success in the future.