10 HBCUs That Graduate The Most Black STEM Students

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) found in 2014 that 72 percent of Black graduates with a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) doctorate from an historically Black college and university earned their undergraduate degree at an HBCU as well. The top colleges producing STEM graduates are listed below. These top universities and colleges are proof that HBCUs matter and produce high-quality graduates.


Howard University

The Washington D.C.-based university awards the most STEM degrees — 33 percent of all STEM degrees given out by HBCUs. Howard is at the top of many major categories, based on the study. In biological and biomedical sciences, Howard ranks No. 1, awarding 45 percent of all degrees from HBCUs in the field.


Meharry Medical College

Meharry Medical College, based in Nashville, awards 14 percent of STEM degrees primarily in the biological and biomedical sciences category.

10 of the Most Incredible STEM Programs for Black Youths


National Society of Black Engineers’ Summer Engineering Experience for Kids

Every summer, this program gives 300 students between the third and eighth grades the chance to participate in the National Society of Black Engineers’ camp, known as SEEK. The program takes place in different cities across America and provides a free resource for students interested in STEM careers. Students are given the opportunity to work with Black college students who are on the path to obtaining their own degrees in STEM-related subjects. It’s a particularly stellar program considering the economic disadvantages that leave many Black parents unable to afford to send their child to science camps over the summer.


Summer Math and Science Honors Academy

The Summer Math and Science Honors Academy, known as SMASH, gives students of color guidance and exposure to STEM subjects. Many students of color don’t have such classes available in their schools, but academies like SMASH help give them the foundation they need to excel in STEM careers even if such programs are missing from their daily curriculum. The program takes places every summer for three years for each student but also offers benefits throughout the school year. SMASH students have access to special college counselors and receive tailored SAT prep classes.