10 of the Most Incredible STEM Programs for Black Youths

Project lead the way, Gateway academy

Gateway Academy

The Gateway Academy is a part of Project Lead the Way and focuses on middle school students across the nation. The academy aims to introduce these students to STEM subjects and also gives them the knowledge necessary to succeed in these fields. Local high schools and middle schools host the one- to two-week programs over the summer that get middle school children more involved with STEM projects. It’s yet another program that could help give Black children access to such subjects when they typically wouldn’t have gotten the same exposure in the classroom.


The Science House Imhotep Academy

North Carolina State University’s Science House Imhotep Academy is a great way to get sixth- through eighth-grade students more experienced and interested in science and mathematics. According to Blackexcel.org, the program aims to “encourage students from underrepresented groups to seek careers in science and mathematics.” With a relatively low cost of $75 per semester, it’s also an extremely affordable program that gives Black youths the type of experience they need to be prepared for the grueling workloads associated with studying science and math at a collegiate level. The program lasts for two weeks and even educates students about the contributions that scientists and inventors of all cultural backgrounds have made to their perspective fields.