40 of the Most Interesting Animated Black Characters Ever to Hit Television

Numbuh5imdbNumbuh 5 aka Abigail ‘Abby’ Lincoln from Kids Next Door

The co-leader of the Kids Next Door sector five is voiced by voice actor Cree Summer. Numbuh 5 is an expert fighter with a Cosby-like family. The interesting aspect of the show is that her sister is a bad guy who is also voiced by Cree Summer and named Cree Lincoln. The showed aired on Cartoon Network from 2002-08.


susieSusie Carmichael from Rugrats and All Grown Up

Susie is another Cree Summer-voiced character. She appeared in both Nickelodeon shows from 1991-2008.

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  1. Seriously this was horrible! No Static Shock? No Green Lantern from Cartoon network's JL/JLU? You couldn't find any black characters from GI Joe? You do know they made a MIB tv show? No Black characters from Bleach or any other anime? You do know that the Jackson 5 had an animated show?