40 of the Most Interesting Animated Black Characters Ever to Hit Television

disney_fillmore-e1404272911793Cornelius Fillmore from Fillmore

Actor Orlando Brown voiced Stinky from The Proud Family and the title character in Fillmore. This Disney Channel show was short-lived, lasting from 2002-04. Fillmore is a cop show for kids featuring X Middle School Safety Patrolers solving crime and keeping order.


Gerald's_GameGerald from Hey Arnold

Gerald is a street-smart kid who helps his best friend Arnold solve problems in their New York City community. The show aired from 1996-2004 on Nickelodeon.

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  1. Seriously this was horrible! No Static Shock? No Green Lantern from Cartoon network's JL/JLU? You couldn't find any black characters from GI Joe? You do know they made a MIB tv show? No Black characters from Bleach or any other anime? You do know that the Jackson 5 had an animated show?