40 of the Most Interesting Animated Black Characters Ever to Hit Television

blackdynamiteBlack Dynamite from Black Dynamite 

This short-lived Adult Swim cartoon was created by Carl Jones ran from 2012-14. The main character Black Dynamite, who is voiced by Michael Jai White, is a homage to Blaxploitation action stars like John Shaft and Super Fly.


x-men_tas_08Storm from the X-Men Animated Series

There are not a lot of Marvel Comics animated series that have remained relevant except for the 1990s X-Men series that aired on Fox Kids. The show was a home run and it created one of the — if not the best — interpretations of Storm on TV or film. She was voiced by Iona Morris.

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  1. Seriously this was horrible! No Static Shock? No Green Lantern from Cartoon network's JL/JLU? You couldn't find any black characters from GI Joe? You do know they made a MIB tv show? No Black characters from Bleach or any other anime? You do know that the Jackson 5 had an animated show?